I’m Nicky P

Music Business Mentor

Helping Get You To The Bookings You Want, Faster

Personal Mentorship

We set up with a direct line to me where I can give you personalized advice and guidance while answering your questions.

Overnight Pro Bootcamp

In a small online group I will walk you through the basics of the performance business over six weeks. Each session will contain a one hour module/Q&A.

Goal Setting

What do you really want out of your performance career? Pick the right road for your destination.

Relationship Coaching

Musicians and club owners can be difficult, let’s start you out on the right foot.

Stage Anxiety

Social anxiety can keep you from reaching your full performance and professional potential.

Career Advice

There are too many facets to highlight them all here because everyone is different, Get the advice that’s right for you.

What Is A Music Business Mentor?

When I first started trying to make performing a career I was new to a city, living in an old bandmate’s basement, trying to find a set of keywords that would lead me to a person or program that could spell out simply what I needed to do to go out and make money playing music.

I never found it and I took years of missteps and big gaps in my calendar to get to where I am now where my calendar is filled up for next year before this one even ends. I want to help you save time and money not making the mistakes I made.

Who Is Mentoring For?

Want to take your skills from campfire jamming to profitable professional performing?

New to the game of booking and aren’t sure where to start?

Looking to start a side hustle and not waste your time or money?

Already playing but feel like you’re not making progress?

Need help validating what you’re already doing?




Personal Mentorship

The most hands on and expedient way to get the results you want. No sitting through everyone else’s questions, the info you want when you want it.

1. Weekly ZOOM meeting.

A weekly 30 minute face to face web meeting via ZOOM. Whatever you want to ask, the time is yours.

2. Priority messaging.

Access to me outside of your designated meeting for advice as needed.

3. Access to new materials as they become available.

As I create new modules and worksheets you get access to them all.

4. Accountability.

Believe it or not the science says if you put your money down you are more likelly to do the work. Add to that that I’m here to hold you to account & I want you to succeed for both of us.