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Knowledge Base

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The Case For Covers

This is my treatise for anyone who is sick of hearing about how stupid it is playing other peoples music and want’s to blast back. It’s also a great list of Pro’s if you’re on the fence about taking the plunge.

What You Get

Justification For Performing Other Peoples Music

There are plenty.

Clarification On What You Get From Being In A Cover Band

There are reasons outside of quick money believe it or not…money is still a solid reason though.

A Few Good Chuckles

I’m no comedian but I think I parry their thrusts with some fairly biting quips.

Profitable Set Creation

In this guide we walk you step by step through how to choose your music and to what end. When complete you’ll have the tools necessary to create a balanced and well thought out set to make all the right people happy.

What You’ll Learn

The Real Goals Of The Music

Hint: its always sales.

How To Curate Your Song Selection

You’ll establish a hook while maintaining expectations.

How To Structure A Set

Knowing what music is important, knowing why is better.