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Paying Your Dues

Let’s talk a bit about a performer I know. He found himself in a new city with very few connections, not a lot of understanding of the local music scene and no relevant credentials. My friend wanted to perform but wasn’t sure how to get started not knowing anyone in his new environment. Bills are mounting with a newborn and a wife and already maxing out the hours he can work on his day job.

So he starts answering craigslist ads and spending every night at different open mics feeling like it’s going nowhere. Three years of grinding. Three years of backbreaking, heartbreaking work. Three years of time that could have been better spent with his family & friends.  He didn’t want to spend all that time on this but where else was he going to learn about the market and make connections that lead to money? After all, everyone has to pay their dues.

Do You Really Have To?

“You just gotta pay your dues.” You hear it over and over again. The more you hear it, the more convinced you are that it’s just a bullshit argument and they all just want to keep the gigs to themselves.

As a professional performer, you’re instincts aren’t wrong. Everyone is afraid of losing their gigs to someone else.

If you know what to look for, “Paying Your Dues” can be seriously curtailed. For my friend it took three years. Three years of wasted time and missteps.

I’m not here to tell you to “Pay Your Dues.” I’m here to help.

Want To Go Pro Right Now?

You interested in feeling like a pro without wasting the three years of your life like my friend did?

You want to make bold confident moves without all the second guessing?

You want the gravity of others on the same path help pull you along?

Let's Get You On The Fast Track To Being a Professional Musician With

The Overnight Pro Bootcamp

The Bootcamp In A Nutshell

6 Weekly Zoom Group Lessons/Q&A

Each week we’ll cover a new topic designed to help you get all your ducks in a row so on week 6 you are ready to start adding gigs to your calendar.


We’re musicians so sometimes the tendency is to hang back and see what happens. I’m gonna do my best to keep that from holding you back.


You’re a beginner, you’re not going to know everything. So ask away. It’s in my interests that you succeed.


There’s a lot of swindlers out there. These people don’t think I’m one:

Jessica Petrone

Jessica Petrone

Club Owner & Musician

Nick has a high level of understanding of the performance business, more than most musicians without question. He runs his own bands and duos like a business and is are a pleasure to work with. In a coaching position he seems kind but firm and honest. He sings flawlessly during performances and while I know he works hard, it appears natural and easy. When i learned Nick suffered from stage anxiety I was shocked! He always seems like he has everything under control.

Donald Pelc

Donald Pelc

Professional Musician & Instructor

Nick has a strong knowledge of the performance business and brings real-world experience to share. When Nick told me he suffered from horrible stage anxiety I didn’t believe it.

Fast Track Your Way To Being A Professional Performer

The Overnight Pro Bootcamp

Be Bold, Be The First

I’m keeping groups small to get as much personal attention as I can because I’ve never seen anything like this. I’m creating this course from scratch and looking for the Beta class to test-drive it for me, I don’t wanna try and manage too many people so the group will be small. Also, since there’s only one of me and I have my own gigs my time is limited, therefore, I’m looking for only dedicated people looking to make changes in their lives. If you’re not interested in working then I can’t help you. But if you’re willing to put in some elbow grease and push your comfort zone I can guarantee you will be closer to your goal of a profitable performance career.

My Money Back Guarantee

I’m not here to take advantage of anyone. I want to help people get past what was an annoying time-sucking hurdle for me when it didn’t need to be. If you’re not well on your way toward improving your performance career at the end of the program & throw my hands up in exasperation I’ll give you your money back.

What’s It Worth?

If you book even one gig because of this program, you will already be ahead. The cheapest gigs I take are for more than I’m gonna ask for this course. Take advantage of my inexperience in pricing because I doubt it’s gonna be this low forever.

This all sound like too much right now? Who the hell am I? Check out The Introvert Musician podcast and find out more.